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RadAutoCompleteTextView Overview

RadAutoCompleteTextView can automatically complete user input string by comparing the text being entered to all strings in the associated data source. The control provides means for easy customization and data management. It is distributed through the nativescript-ui-autocomplete package on npmjs.


Suggest Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView can display drop-down list below the input field to show the suggestions for a text that is typed, directly append one of the suggestions in the input field itself or in a combination of both. This is controlled through the different acceptable values for the suggestMode property:

  • Suggest - Suggestions are shown in a drop-down list below the input field.
  • Append - Only one suggestion is shown as an appended text to the input.
  • SuggestAppend - Both Suggest and Append modes are applied.

This article describes their usage.

Display Modes

When a suggestion is selected, RadAutoCompleteTextView can display its selection in one of two ways - as a simple text or as a token. This is controlled through the different acceptable values for the displayModes property:

  • Plain - When Plain mode is active, only one item can be selected. The selected item is shown as a plain text in the input field.
  • Tokens - In Tokens mode the RadAutoCompleteTextView allows multiple selection of suggestions. The selected items are displayed as tokens.

This article describes their usage.

Layout Modes

When RadAutoCompleteTextView's displayMode is Tokens and all selected tokens don't fit in one row, you can choose whether to layout them keep adding new token in the same (now scrollable) row, or add as many new rows as necessary to accommodate all tokens. This is controlled by the layoutMode property. Its acceptable values are:

  • Wrap - When a row is filled, another row is added to accommodate new tokens.
  • Horizontal - Tokens are added in a long scrollable row.

The layout modes are also listed in the article about tokens.

Completion Modes

There are two ways that RadAutoCompleteTextView can search for a matching suggestion for the input text - for items that start with the provided text or for items that contain the provided text but not necessarily in the beginning. This can be controlled with the completionMode property.

  • StartsWith - Shows only suggestions which start with the typed text.
  • Contains - Shows suggestions which contain the typed text but not necessarily in the beginning.

More information about the completion modes is available in this article describes their usage.

Figure 1. RadAutoCompleteTextView (iOS/Android)

RadAutoCompleteTextView: Overview RadAutoCompleteTextView: Overview