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RadDataForm Overview

RadDataForm for NativeScript helps you edit the properties of a business object during runtime and build a mobile form fast and easy. All you have to do is set a business object as a value for the source property and RadDataForm will automatically generate editors for each property of the source object. RadDataForm offers built-in editors for each primitive type and also has various features to help you create your desired form.

Figure 1: How RadDataForm can look on Android (left) and iOS (right)

NativeScriptUI-DataForm-Overview-Android NativeScriptUI-DataForm-Overview-iOS

Getting Started

The following articles contains everything you need to know to start using RadDataForm. First, you need to provide the source object. Then you can describe the properties of the source in order to use the desired editors. Finally, you need to get the result from the user's input.


RadDataForm for NativeScript allows you to select a proper editor for each property of your source object and optionally customize it according to your preferences. You can start with the overview page of the editors which demonstrates their common usage. Then you can have a look at the complete list with available editors and if none of them fulfils your requirements, you can create your custom editors.


You can easily combine the editors in groups and optionally allow them to be collapsed. More information is available here. Once the editors are grouped, you can easily change the layout that is used for each group. More information is available here.


If you need to validate the user's input before it's committed, you can use some of the predefined validators. Here's more information about the validation in RadDataForm for NativeScript. This article contains the full list of available validators and if they are not enough you can create you custom validators. To control when the validation is performed you can change the validation mode. Here's more about the events that you can use to get notified when validation occurs.

Image Labels

You can easily add an image to each editor that hints for its purpose instead of the default text that is displayed for each editor. You can read more about the image labels here.


If you need to use the form to simply show the content of the source object without allowing the user to edit the content you can make the form read only or just disable specific editors that shouldn't allow editing. You can read more here.


You can change the style of each of the editors of RadDataForm and also the style of the group headers if grouping is enabled. You can read more about the customization options here.