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A Button component provides an easy-to-use way for interacting through the application and invoking custom logic in response to that. Once the user taps it, the button performs any actions attached to it.



A Button component can execute custom logic via its tap event. Handling the event is as easy as using (tap) in HTML, and implementing a tap handler in your component.

<Button text="Tap me!" (tap)="onTap($event)"></Button>
onTap(args: EventData) {
    let button = args.object as Button;
    // execute your custom logic here...


The Button component can be styled using CSS or corresponding properties.

    <!-- No styles applied -->
    <Button text="Button"></Button>
    <!-- Using local CSS class -->
    <Button text=".my-button" class="my-button"></Button>
    <!-- Using @nativescript/theme CSS classes -->
    <Button text="Button.-primary" class="-primary"></Button>
    <Button class="-primary">
            <Span text="&#xf099;" class="fab"></Span>
            <Span text=" Button.-primary with icon"></Span>
    <Button text="Button.-outline" class="-outline"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-primary.-rounded-sm" class="-primary -rounded-sm"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-primary.-rounded-lg" class="-primary -rounded-lg"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-outline.-rounded-sm" class="-outline -rounded-sm"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-outline.-rounded-lg" class="-outline -rounded-lg"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-outline[isEnabled=false]" isEnabled="false" class="-outline"></Button>
    <Button text="Button.-primary[isEnabled=false]" isEnabled="false" class="-primary"></Button>
.my-button {
    android-elevation: 4;
    background-color: lightseagreen;
    border-color: darkolivegreen;
    border-radius: 20;
    border-width: 1;
    color: whitesmoke;
    font-size: 18;
    font-weight: bold;

.my-button:active {
    android-elevation: 8;
    background-color: whitesmoke;
    border-color: darkolivegreen;
    border-radius: 20;
    border-width: 1;
    color: lightseagreen;
    font-size: 18;
    font-weight: bold;

Specific Styling Properties

Name CSS Name Type Description
androidElevation android-elevation number (Android only) Gets or sets the elevation of the android view.
androidDynamicElevationOffset android-dynamic-elevation-offset number (Android only) Gets or sets the dynamic elevation offset of the android view.


Name Type Description
text string Gets or sets the label of the button.


Name Description
tap Emitted when the button is tapped.
loaded Emitted when the view is loaded.
unloaded Emitted when the view is unloaded.
layoutChanged Emitted when the layout bounds of a view changes due to layout processing.

API References

Name Type
tns-core-modules/ui/button Module
Button Class

Native Component

Android iOS
android.widget.Button UIButton