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RadSideDrawer Overview

RadSideDrawer is a component can show a hidden view that contains navigation UI or common settings. A popular application that uses the drawer UI is the Android Playstore app. The hidden view can be displayed with a flick gesture and can be shown from any of the four edges of the screen. The view is also displayed with a transition which can be chosen from a set of pre-defined transitions.

The next screenshots showcase how the RadSideDrawer could look on both iOS and Android:

TelerikUI-SideDrawer-Overview TelerikUI-SideDrawer-Overview

Angular directives

When using the RadSideDrawer with Angular you are going to work with custom angular RadSideDrawer specific directives. In short these directives are used by the angular framework to enable 'linking' between separate HTML tags into one 'complex' element.

Here is a full list of the available custom Angular RadListView directives and components:


Represent the major elements:

Selector Class (more details)
RadSideDrawer RadSideDrawerComponent

Inline Directives

Represent the 'link' mechanism of the smaller with the major elements

Selector Class (more details)
tkDrawerContent TKDrawerContentDirective
tkMainContent TKMainContentDirective