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The Switch component allows users to toggle a control between two states. The default state of the component is off, or false, however you can change the state by setting the checked property to a boolean value. To handle the state change event you can use the checkedChange property, which notifies the app when the value has changed.



<Switch checked="true" (checkedChange)="onCheckedChange($event)"></Switch>
import { Component } from "@angular/core";
import { EventData } from "tns-core-modules/data/observable";
import { Switch } from "tns-core-modules/ui/switch";

    templateUrl: "./usage.component.html"
export class BasicSwitchComponent {

    onCheckedChange(args: EventData) {
        let sw = args.object as Switch;
        let isChecked = sw.checked; // boolean


The styling properties for the Swtich control are as follows:

  • color- Controls the handle color
  • backgroundColor(background-color in CSS) - Controls the background color while the switch is in ON state.
    • offBackgroundColor (off-background-color in CSS) - Controls the background color while the switch is in OFF state.
<!-- Styling via inline properties -->
<Switch color="yellow" backgroundColor="green" offBackgroundColor="red">

Note: When using @nativescript/theme the default style will be set according to the used theme (no need to set additional CSS classes).


Name Type Description
checked boolean Gets or sets if a switch is checked or not.
offBackgroundColor Color Gets or sets the off-state color.

API References

Name Type
tns-core-modules/ui/switch Module
Switch Class

Native Component

Android iOS
android.widget.Switch UISwitch